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Arts in movement DTS | JEM Champagne

Discipleship Training School

"Arts in mouvement"

From Sept 25th, 2020 to March 27th 2021

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Artists impact the world in powerful ways. Through their creation, they can inspire a smile, bring tears, ignite hope and demonstrate the Creator’s beauty.
This Discipleship Training School allows you to deepen your relationship with the Creator as well as learn to use your existing gifts to their potentiel and to influence the world around you with your talents.
During the lecture phase, you will spend time learning, training, preparing, and producing works to share on outreach. You will explore, innovate and create artistic expressions with the Creator.

Our desire is for you to align your identity in Christ, to discover your passion, to have freedom in your mouvement art , to know how to use your talents and multiply them.


Lecture phase

Three-month of growing in intimacy with God and being supplied with the right tools through the teachings and experiences from men and women of God. The topics covered will help you grow in your relationship with God, as well as give you a better understanding of how to use your love of performing art to express and share the value of life through fresh and relevant ways in today's ever-changing society.

You'll not only learn in class times, but also during corporate worship, prayer times and small groups, and one-on-one sessions to discuss the teachings.

On the right you can see the different teaching you will have in this DTS :

Hearing the voice of God

God communicates with every person for the purpose of a relationship. The Bible shows us that God has been speaking since the beginning of creation. This week establishes a foundation for the rest of the school as you learn, understand and recognise the various ways that God communicates. Equipped with this growing confidence of hearing God’s voice, your personal times with God will become more dynamic as you lean into His voice.

The cross

... coming ...


Relationship with God and people is the foundation of everything we do! This week teaches us a Biblical perspective on how to love God and people through exploring principles that apply to every type of relationship: God, family, friendship, romantic, school, work, etc.

Answering Skeptics

Today we are in a society of pluralism, each with different beliefs, so it is good to define and know what we believe in, to understand how and why we believe what we believe.

Once your beliefs are established, how can you share them in the different spheres of society - technique, method and arguments to share your vision of the world and respond to ojections.

The Artist's Identity

... coming ...

Evangelism & Mission

Do you desire to tell others about Jesus and His love, but find yourself either afraid, unsure, or at a loss for words? This week will give you an understanding of God’s heart for all people that will challenge and encourage your motivation for sharing the gospel. You will gain practical skills and strategies on how to evangelise, as you grow in your confidence to share with others.

The Bible records God’s mission to bless all people and nations of the earth. His heart is that all people would know Him and His desires and plans for them. This has not changed. History reveals the on-going growth of missions as Christians continue to take God’s message of love, hope and restoration to all people and nations.

History of France

Understanding the gifts and inheritance of France through History. This teaching go through the ages to explain the birth of  France and how it was build. We will see what are the big events who marked history and how it shaped France until today.

Nature and Character of God

One of the most important questions we can ask in life is, “What is God like?” The more truth we know of God’s good character and great nature, the more we will love and trust Him with everything. Our ideas about God have a profound and practical impact on how we live our lives. This week will encourage you to wrestle with and respond to the truth of who God is.

The Heart of the Father

God describes Himself as a Father to all people. Often based on our own past experiences and hurt, we can have misunderstandings of God as a good Father. These misunderstandings can hinder intimacy with Him. This week provides a powerful opportunity to consider how and why we have been relating to our Father in heaven. The week includes focused times in which you can experience and recognise the truth of God’s fatherly love and commitment in your life.

The Divine Plumbline

... Coming ...

Words and Spirit

The Word and Spirit! A beautiful combination with training to not over emphasise one or the other. Many prophetic words say that when the Word and Spirit come together there wil be revival.  Learning to approach the Bible through your spirit and not only the mind. Come prepared for practical participation. 

Kingdom & Finances

... Coming ...


‘Releasing Destiny’ is about answering the basic questions of life: ‘who am i?’ and ‘why am i here?’ It is breaking the orphan spirit to live as Abba’s sons & daughters, claiming spiritual inheritance in every arena of society by bringing glory to the Lamb. And it is learning how to dream kingdom dreams with God.


The outreach phase, lasting 12 weeks, takes place « on the field »; this year for us in the United states and Caribbeans islands.
It consists of an apprenticeship with evangelism of various kinds, practical service alongside the local churches of the country (renovation of buildings, for example), activities of a humanitarian nature or development work ( street children , lepers in large cities, construction of latrines, distribution of grain, etc.).
It's an unforgettable time where we can experience a new culture, live and learn to love one another and to go beyond ourself.


September 25th to December 19th, 2020 (lecture phase)

December 27th, 2020 to March 27th, 2021 (outreach phase)


Registration fees : 50€
Lecture phase : 2250€
Outreach phase : 2500€ - 3500€*

The prices cover food, housing, travels (during lecture phase) and visas (for the outreach)

*Depends on flight prices






Crédits pour L'UdN*

24 Crédits

*Université of the Nations









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FAQ | Questions fréquentes

L'école est-elle seulement en français ?

Non, c'est une école bilingue, c'est a dire tout se passe en français et en anglais. Les orateurs, les étudiants et les encadrants sont internationaux.

Combien de temps dure l'école ?

3 mois de phase théorique et entre 10 et 12 semaines de phase pratique.

Peut-on faire seulement la 1ère phase ?

Non, car la 2ème phase est aussi importante que la 1ère phase. Sans la 2ème phase, il est impossible de créditer cette école.

Obtient-on un diplôme à la fin de cette école ?

La réussite de cette école délivre un diplôme de l'Université Des Nations. Ce diplôme est le passeport pour toutes autres formations de Jeunesse en Mission.

Combien il y a d'heure de cours ?

16 h par semaine, traduction comprise.

Quels sont les critères de réussite ?

Les critères ne sont pas simplement la réussite intellectuelle, mais aussi la réussite par son attitude de cœur.

Quels sont les critères d'échec ?

De ne pas accepter l'œuvre du Seigneur dans son cœur et une mauvaise attitude parmi la communauté.

Y a t-il des livres à lire ?

Oui, cela fait partie des devoirs académiques. Il y en a entre 3 et 5, selon les écoles. Un rapport écrit est demandé.

Quels sont les genres de travaux académiques ?

  • Une étude du caractère d'un personnage biblique.
  • Un Journal de la semaine (rapport de la semaine).
  • Des Livres et rapports de livres.
  • Une étude sur le peuple ciblé pour la phase pratique: sa culture, ses religions, etc..

Il y a t-il des travaux pratiques ?

Que ce soit durant la phase théorique ou dans la phase pratique, différentes tâches pratiques comme la préparation du petit déjeuner, lessive, jardinage, cuisine et autres font partie du programme.

Quel est le nivaux souhaité pour suivre cette école ?

Il n'y a aucun niveau requis. Tous peuvent suivre cette école.

Combien d'intervenants enseignent dans l'école ?

Environ 1 par semaine pour chaque sujet. Il arrive qu'un orateur puisse enseigner deux semaines sur 1 ou 2 sujets différents:

Quels sont les destinations des phases pratiques?

Elles ne sont pas encore clairement définies pour la prochaine école mais pour exemple, voici les destinations des dernières phases pratiques: 

Destinations 2007-2008 : Chine et Israël

Destinations 2008-2009 : Madagascar

Destinations 2009-2010 : Madagascar et Sénégal/Gambie

Destinations 2010-2011 : Haïti et France/Irlande

Destinations 2011-2012 : Rwanda et France

Destinations 2012-2013 : Burkina Faso et Guadeloupe/Martinique

Les week-ends sont-ils libres ?

Que ce soit dans les 2 phases, les week-ends ne sont pas forcément tous libres, surtout dans les temps de phase pratique.

Peut-on amener son instrument de musique ?

Oui, beaucoup de temps de louange sont organisés et la participation des étudiants est la bienvenue.

Peut-on téléphoner depuis le centre ?

Un téléphone est a votre disposition gratuitement pour appeler vers les téléphones fixes en France et dans de nombreux pays (liste au centre).

Peut-on avoir un accès internet ?

Bien sûr, l'ADSL en WIFI pour ceux qui sont équipé et un ordinateur est à disposition pour les autres.

Peut-on recevoir des visites pendant le séjour sur le centre ?

Bien sûr, mais selon la disponibilité des places. Nos capacités d'hébergement sont restreintes.

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