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Bible Core Course (BCC) | JEM Champagne

Bible Core Course

The Bible Core Course (BCC), three exciting months devoted to studying and interpreting the Bible to discover that its message is relevant today. This school will equip you to study the Bible and give you tools for ministry which will serve you throughout your life.


What is the inductive method?

  • Taking time with the Word and allowing the Holy Spirit to teach us.

  • Leaving aside our preconceived ideas and approaching the Word with the desire to hear it in a new way.

  • Learning to interpret the Bible in its context (symbols, difficult passages …)

  • Studying the Bible in the historical context in which it was written.

  • Learning to live out the Word by applying its principles to our lives.

  • Learning to proclaim to others the truths of the Word.

This school has another particularity: the lessons include practical workshops. Different approaches are used, such as drawing, painting, theater, music, group work and other elements.
The creativity developed in workshops brings a dynamic aspect that differentiates the BCC from most other Bible Schools. In the same way, through activities such as workshops and other teaching methods, the teaching is adapted to different learning styles.
Have you never wondered what New Testament times were really like? With the BCC you will receive a clearer understanding of the culture and history at the time of the Bible.


The entire Bible in 3 months

In three months you will have read the entire Bible. Not only that, you will also have the opportunity to learn to preach, teach and conduct a Bible study, all of these being indispensable tools for ministry. And of course, we take time for worship and prayer. We strongly encourage you to do a BCC. These three months of lessons, studies and creativity will mark your life.


  • We will make a trip to Rome to follow in the steps of Paul and Peter and to discover some of the key places of the early church.
  • We will visit the Louvre, to discover the empires that Jeremiah saw!

Conditions to participate :


To have completed a DTS (Discipleship Training School)


To have a sincere desire to move forward in faith


To be ready to be challenged


Minimum age: 18 years old


To be announced


€ 2400

+ €50 for the application fees


Bilingual: English/French


The Louvre Museum, Paris

& Rome, Italy

UofN* Credits

12 Crédits

*University of the Nations

Days before the school








Contact us for more information, or receive the application form by post.

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