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Down To Earth DTS | JEM Champagne

Discipleship Training School

"Down To Earth"

« The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it. » Genesis 2 : 15 NIV

God entrusted us with this mission from the beginning. He created the Earth for the man and He asks us to take care of it. We desire, through this school, to come back to this original mandate asking ourselves the right questions :

  • What is our role in Ecology as christians ?
  • What is the place of Nature in the Kingdom of God ?
  • In what ways can we bring the values of the Kingdom of God in the way we live, we eat and we consume ?

Our desire is to ponder together on already existing solutions (permaculture, zero-waste, locavorism, phytotherapy, aromatherapy…), to look for new ideas, to elaborate strategies, to reflect and discuss on what we could change in our lives, our communities, our cities or villages in order to improve things. But also to get into concrete actions.

Do you want to take up on the challenge ? Change yourself to change the world ?

Are you ready to put your hands in the Earth ?


Lecture phase

The first part of the school, called the lecture phase, lasts 12 weeks and runs as follows :

  • 3 to 5 hours of lectures a day.
  • Some time, at the beginning of the day, set aside for the personal quiet time,  Times for sharing in small groups.
  • Intercession times (3 hours minimum a week) and worship times throughout the week.
  • Workshops to prepare for evangelism (preaching, song, mime, dance, puppets, etc.).
  • Times of personal study: reading, a journal, research.
  • Practical tasks: cleaning/housework, taking part in some practical activities on the YWAM base where the training is running, etc.
  • Personal times (one-on-one) with a staff member or with the speaker of the week.

Practical phase

The outreach phase, lasting 12 weeks, takes place « on the field ». It consists of an apprenticeship with evangelism of various kinds, practical service alongside the local churches of the country, activities of a humanitarian nature or development work (distribution of grain, tree planting, etc.). As in the theory phase, times for teaching, small groups for sharing, intercession and praise are organised throughout the stay on outreach. Living at the heart of a cross-cultural missionary community and being immersed in a life of prayer and of daily worship, based on a life of practical activities and sharing in small groups, all added to biblical teaching, makes for an excellent training experience.

Registration to come



50€ for registration
2100€ for Lecture Phase
2000€ for outreach*

*Covers accommodation, food, plain ticket for outreach, etc for the 6 months


Bilingual: English / French



UofN* Crédits

24 Crédits

*University of the Nations

Contact us for more information or receive the application form.

11 + 6 =

FAQ | Questions fréquentes

Is the school only in French ?  No, this is a bilingual school, that is to say that everything happens in French and in English. The speakers, the students and the staff are international.

How long does the school last?  3 month of lecture phase (theory) and between 10 and 12 weeks of outreach phase (practical).

Can you just do the lecture phase?  No,  the outreach phase is just as important as the lecture phase. Without the outreach phase, it is impossible to get the credits for this school.

Do you get a diploma at the end of the school?  The University of Nations issues diplomas for those who pass their school. This diploma is the passport for all other training with Youth With A Mission.

How many hours of lectures are there?  16 hours a week, including translation.

What are the criteria for success?  This is not limited merely to intellectual success, but your heart attitude is also very important.

What might cause me to fail my school?  If you are not teachable and not prepared to accept God’s work in your life.

Are there books I have to read?  Yes, that is part of the academic assignments. There are between 3 and 5 set books, according to the school. A written report is requested.

What sort of academic work is required?  -A character study of a biblibal character.  -A weekly journal (report/diary of the week).  -Book reports.  -A study on the people you’ll meet on outreach phase: their culture, religions, etc.

Is there any practical work required?  Yes, be it during the lecture or the outreach phase, various practical tasks such as  preparing breakfast, washing up, gardening, cooking and other tasks are part of the program.

What qualifiacations are needed to do this school?  No qualifications are required. Anyone can do this school.

How much teaching is there?  About a week is given to each topic. Sometimes a speaker may teach for  two weeks covering 1 or 2 different topics. 

What are the destinations for the outreach phase?  These are not clearly defined for the next school but as an example, here are the destinations of the last outreaches :

Destinations 2007-2008 : China and Israël

Destinations 2008-2009 : Madagascar

Destinations 2009-2010 : Madagascar and Senegal/Gambia

Destinations 2010-2011 : Haïti and France/Ireland

Destinations 2011-2012 : Rwanda and France

Destinations 2012-2013 : Burkina Faso and Guadeloupe/Martinique

Destinations 2014-2016 : Martinique

Are the weekends free?  In either phase, the weekends are not necessarily all free, but especially during the outreach phase.

Can I bring my musical instrument?  Yes, a lot of worship times are organized and the participation of the students is very welcome.

Can I telephone from the centre/base?  A phone is at your disposal to call land lines for free in France and in numerus contry (list at the base).

Can I connect on internet?  Of course, wireless is available. And there is computers for those who are not equiped.

Can I receive visits during my stay at the centre/base?  Of course, subject to availability. Our capacity for lodging people is limited.

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