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Our identity | JEM Champagne

Our identity

In YWAM, we have the same values with different identities.
Here is what defines us in Ywam Champagne and was affirmed during a french national gathering

1- It's a community. We are a community who desires to work together as a family.
At a national staff conference we received confirmation that our base is a place of peace with a family spirit.

2- The family : We desire that the family can have a special place on the base, whether you are single or a family unit. We want everyone to feel at home. We make it our goal to think about schedules so families can participate as much as possible. From the beginning of Ywam Champagne, many families were involved.

3- Hospitality : Welcoming people at best, groups, students, volunteers, suppliers ...
Their feedback is that we are a place of peace and where encountering God is frequent.

4- To be French-speaking : Our goal is to be international, everyone is welcome. We encourage people to learn French, to embrace French culture, and to spend time around the table. While accepting those who come to serve in France with their languages and their cultures; integrating with the french culture enhances the work.

5- Training : To train people, to continue to learn ourselves, and to send those who are trained around the world : Discipleship Training School (DTS) and second level schools.

6- Local involvement : We strive in our little town of Le Gault to know people around us through involvement in associations, school, gardening … etc.

7- Evangelism : We desire to spread the good news of Jesus Christ in our village, neighbouring towns, house groups and churches. We are sending students to other cultures, lands to continue sharing the good news.

8- Respect for the land : JEM CHAMPAGNE is in the middle of beautiful fields and farms (vineyards too!). At the beginning of JEM here, our lands were a part of the fields and farms. We no longer have the people to maintain them. God has been prompting to care about what we eat, who we get it from and the need for people. To re-establish nutrition by planting and harvesting for the community.

We need people to make this vision a reality.

9- Worship and Prayer : We Desire to be a base where worship and prayer are the priority

10 - Pionnier : From here ministries were born. Our prayer is to continue innovating with God.

JEM Champagne fait partie du mouvement international Jeunesse En Mission, www.ywam.org
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