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Disciple Training School

When you want to be trained with Youth With A Mission, you start with the Disciple Training School (DTS). It is the first training school (the basics) and the name tells a lot : combining theory and practice with 3 months of biblical teachings and 3 months of missionary trip. The goal is to start  or  to continue your discipleship with good foundations.  




University of the Nations

Besides, the goal of YWAM is to offer a training as complete as possible academically and professionally, leading christians to be able to face social, cultural and spiritual issues. In order to achieve this goal, Youth With A Mission has founded a university in 1978 : The University Of The Nations (UofN).

This university uses a modular education system, accreditated by units of credit. Students can have teaching modules over several years. For those who want to, it can lead to obtain diplomas such as “Associate of Arts”, “Bachelor of Arts”, “Master of Arts”.
In this way, after having completed a DTS successfully, the student has the possibility to keep studying by teaching modules of 12 weeks or more, sometimes followed by field assignment. Very often, the modules are training schools that can be combined in various ways, both in time and geographically.

Indeed, the main campus of The University of the Nations is located in Kona (Hawaï). It is not the only place where the student can study because a lot of training schools are decentralized in many locations throughout the world. In this way, the student choose a training school and goes to study in the country where it is offered. 

With the University of the Nations, the student develops a christian worldview. The final goal is to prepare the student to act concretely in the  different spheres of society. Therefore, the student who wants to graduate can study various disciplines and has the choix between the different faculties.  

If we summarize, YWAM education system is organized like this : 

University of the nations

More informations  :Website of the University of the Nations 



We have different training schools  (you will find more informations on “Training” tab):

It is important to say that after a DTS, you can apply for each and every training school of UofN without wanting to graduate.


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